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Research Group: Teaching and learning through the life-course

Globalisation, rapid change, lifelong learning, and flexible routes to learning are having a major impact on all areas of education. Our research interest here is on Teaching, Learning and Assessment in post-school education and training contexts; including further and higher education, work-based learning, lifelong learning, adult and community learning.

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Group Overview

The group’s research extends to all aspects of learning theory; there is a particular emphasis on experiential learning, criticality ( and learning in the company of others. Research includes the exploration of the social and situated nature of learning and how this connects with life course. The connection between individual learning and the social context; the exploration of the role of reflection in reflexive modernization are particular areas of interest.

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The final report for Skills Development and Theorising Practice in Social Work Education is available at

This research area comes under the Lifelong and Work-Related Learning Research Centre (LaWRL).


Selected publications associated with this group from the University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints):


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