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Research Group: Waste Management

 The modern waste industry can lay claim to being one of the most dynamic and fast-changing business sectors; the European Union waste and recycling industries alone have a turnover of 95 billion €, providing 1.5 million jobs. Waste management is now multi-disciplinary in nature and the Waste Management Research Group (WMRG) at the University of Southampton is one of the most significant and influential research groups in the world. Its activities have focused on implementing new ideas/technologies, based upon fundamental research and partnership with industry (e.g. energy-from-waste, food waste collection, anaerobic digestion, landfill design, landfill leachate treatment, carbon footprinting, societal influences, behaviour change), and on the optimisation of existing technologies/operations (e.g. waste prevention, re-use, collection and treatment systems; waste logistics).

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Group Overview

The WMRG has focused its activities on assisting society and industry to reduce waste, maximise resources and protect the environment from pollution. It has generated ideas and outputs that have, through close engagement with the waste management sector, become part of mainstream waste management thinking nationally and internationally, and provided fundamental data, models, theories and exemplar studies to enable the move to a philosophy and practice of enhanced resource management.

Other University of Southampton sitesLandfill Aftercare Forum

19th November 2014

CIWM are hosting the next meeting of Southampton's Landfill Aftercare Forum at their Northampton offices.  A propotype of a landfill aftercare decision support system (LANDSS) will be discussed.  Contact Dr Richard Beaven for more information


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