Health and safety in the workplace is very important, whether its learning how to use a piece of machinery safely or checking on a first aid box. However, it is important that the right people are informed about procedures and guidance so that they are protected, this includes staff, visitors and contractors. It is therefore important to consult your staff on procedures, communicate safety procedures and guides and display appropriate notices.

Below are some procedures to assist in this, Bio Safety and Radiation are lower down on this webpage:

Policy Notes

(these will gradually replace HSPs and provide new simpler information for staff and students)

Health & Safety Policy Note: First-Aid

First aid

Control of Contractors Policy Notes

Please follow guidance given under 'Control of Contractors'.

New and Expectant mothers Policy Note

This is part of the information available on the HR website, link How do I... - Maternity leave

Embedded Staff Policy Note

Please use the documents under 'Useful downloads'.

Manual Handling Policy Note

Manual Handling and Control

Manual Handling checklist

Off-site Activity/Working Policy Note

Off-site activities generally refer to those that are external teaching, research or other sanctioned activity carried out by University staff (visiting or otherwise) or students in premises which are not rented, owned or under direct control of the University. They can include activities that take place in other organisations or within the field and could range from low hazard activities like classroom settings to high hazard activities associated with industrial environments within factories. They may also include activities within the UK and those carried out in the wider world. Please refer to the Off-site Activity/Working Policy Note and the Offsite-Risk Assessment Flowchart, which helps provide an explanation on what process to apply. In addition to this there is a specifically designed Off-site Activity/Working Risk Assessment Form that can also be used.

Off-site Activity/Working Policy Note

Offsite-Risk Assessment Form

Off-site Activity/Working Flowchart

The Health and Safety Procedure (HSP) series of documents


HSP1 - Reporting & Investigating Incidents & Work Related Ill-Health.


HSP2 - Guidance on Risk Assessment and Control - withdrawn.  Please use the new template available here.


HSP3 - Guidance on Fire Risk Assessment - under review 2013.


HSP4 - Guidance for Carrying Out COSHH Assessments - under review 2013.


HSP5 - Guidance on Manual Handling Risk Assessment and Control - withdrawn and replaced by The Manual Handling Policy Note above.


HSP8 - Guidelines – Workplace Inspections and Safety Auditing.


HSP12 - Control of Contractors - withdrawn 09/11/2012; please follow information given under Control of Contractors.


HSP12C - Guidance on Health and Safety Management of Construction Projects - coordinated by E&F please contact Ian Carroll for more information.


HSP13Guidelines on Commissioning or Handover of New or Modified Equipment/Introduction of New Processes.


HSP13C - Guidelines on Commissioning or Handover of New or Modified Buildings - coordinated by E&F please contact Ian Carroll for more information.


HSP14Guidance on the Preparation of Emergency Plans, their Practise and Review - under review 2013.


Other procedures and guidance


First Aid

First Aid Procedure - under review 2013



Fire Drill Procedure 


Biological safety

Procedure for work with biological agents



Accounting and record keeping

Accumulation and disposal of radioactive waste

Allocation of disposal limits

Annual reporting schedule

Contingency arrangements

Decommissioning of open source laboratories

Designation of areas

Dosimetry requirements

Justification for the use of radioactive materials

Local rules and RPS

Management and control of x-ray generating equipment

Management of radiation protection

Procurement and management of sealed sources

Procurement of open source radioactive materials

Radiation and contamination monitoring

Reporting of incidents

Secure storage of radioactive material

Training requirements for radiation workers

Work with geological

Work with radioactive material flow chart



SD9 Laboratory Acquired Animal Allergy - under review 2013