Research Group: Musicology and Ethnomusicology

Musicological scholarship at Southampton is some of most wide-ranging in the country.

Currently Active: Yes

Group Overview

We take a generous view of the discipline which encompasses western art music traditions, world music and music in popular culture, and where approaches emphasising new critical tools co-exist and intersect with more traditional historical and analytical methodologies. We have particular strengths in areas as varied as gender and sexuality; musical institutions; early music; reception studies; American music; music analysis; history of theory; music in popular culture; and 18th century studies.


Nadia Boulanger

French composer, conductor and teacher, who taught many composers and performers of the 20th century

Nadia Boulanger

“We’re energetic networkers, helping to shape the international musicological research agenda through committee membership, conference attendance, conference organisation and prolific, top-quality publication.”

Dr Andrew Pinnock, Head of Music


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