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Current projects


CTRL Southfleet Road Clactonian elephant site, Ebbsfleet

Archaeological excavations in advance of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link have revealed an undisturbed Lower Palaeolithic Clactonian palaeo-landsurface 400,000 years old in the Ebbsfleet Valley, near Swanscombe, Kent. The skeleton of a single elephant has been preserved in the muddy sediment near what was then the edge of a small lake, and is surrounded by flint tools, lying undisturbed where they were originally discarded. The remains of other animals are also present, including buffalo, rhino, deer and horse. The sedimentary sequence also includes pollen, molluscan and abundant small vertebrate remains. (More)


Medway Valley Palaeolithic Project
Sand and gravel deposits from ancient channels of the River Medway, dating up to 500,000 years ago, extend across north Kent and into southeast Essex. These deposits contain an abundance of Palaeolithic artefacts and fossil animal remains. However we currently have a poor understanding of the dating and correlation of different patches of gravel, and of the overall picture of settlement history and cultural change. Fieldwork is being carried out to date and reinvestigate key patches of surviving deposits. (More)


Harnham Relief Road, Salisbury
Field evaluation in advance of road construction to the south of Salisbury has led to the discovery of a rich undisturbed Lower Palaeolithic site, containing abundant flint artefacts, cut-marked bones and diverse palaeo-environmental evidence. (More)


CTRL Baker's Hole, Ebbsfleet Valley, Northfleet
The Channel Tunnel Rail Link and Ebbsfleet International Station are currently under construction in the Ebbsfleet Valley, site of many significant Palaeolithic discoveries including the key British Levalloisian site of Baker's Hole. Archaeological investigations in advance of this major development have been in progress since 1997. (More)


Palaeolithic Archaeology of the
Sussex/Hampshire Coastal Corridor
The Pleistocene deposits of this south coast region are well-known for having produced spectacular artefacts and faunal remains at several sites, for instance Boxgrove, but there remains uncertainty over the dating and correlation of deposits in different parts of the region. The project involves fieldwork to date deposits at key locations, and investigation of museum collections to develop understanding of the framework of cultural change through the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic in the region. (More)


Other projects
As well as these, I am currently involved with numerous other projects, mostly in advance of development in the dynamic Thames Gateway region. (More)