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Digital Electronics: A Primer

Mark S. Nixon


My apologies. The book was written in Word and translated to I dunno what. That will give errors. The rest are my fault. Sorry!

Some beers have been earned!

pg. 41 In Q2.9 change 'prevent' to allow. Doh!!

pg. 44 the second version of de Morgan's low is given as NOT (A) AND NOT (B) = NOT (A) OR NOT (B). Ouch, it should be (A) NAND (B) = NOT (A) OR NOT (B). Bloomin' typsetters!

pg. 60 The statement "In a K-map, extracting the '1's gives an AND/OR" should be changed to "In a K-map, extracting the '1's gives an (N) AND/OR". This is because the latter part of the sentance is about 0's giving AND/NOR, so it should make it clearer.

pg. 119 T_min is 0.3 ns not 0.5 so the max frequency is 3.3 GHz

pg. 192 It's 0.1328 not 0.3128 it the text. Also, its 0.10001E110. That was two beer's worth! Thanks guys, beers with Vicky Level 4 B32.

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