Help page

This page tells you about the navigation bar at the top of every page:

returns you to the home page
displays this page
enables you to search for specific information
takes you to the first question of a self-assessment test
takes you to the next page in a unit
takes you to the previous page in a unit
greyed-out button - you are at the last page in a unit
greyed-out button - you are at the first page in a unit

There are links within the text that show you a related glossary entry - click on this link now to see how it works. However, these links use a browser feature called JavaScript, which is turned OFF by default on Computing Services workstations. You have to turn it ON for the glossary links to work - go to Netscape's Options menu and select Network Preferences. Click on the Languages tab in the dialogue box that appears and then click the JavaScript check-box so that it has a tick in it. Click on OK and all the links should work. You only have to do this once each session.