Phase Diagrams, which indicate the phases present at a given temperature and composition, have often proved a difficult concept to understand. These Web pages provide a simple guide to phase diagrams that can supplement the explanations that you receive from lectures and books.

If you are new to phase diagrams, you should follow these links in order, working through each section before returning to this page. Note that some sections have a self-assessment quiz.

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  How to build a phase diagram Quiz
  Tie Lines and the Lever Rule Quiz
  Eutectic Alloys Quiz
  Hypo-Eutectic Alloys  
  Hyper-Eutectic Alloys  
  Interactive Phase Diagram Quiz
  Aluminium - Copper alloys (Al-Cu) Quiz
  Aluminium - Silicon alloys (Al-Si) Quiz
  Steels (Fe-C) Quiz

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