Pasquale Di Bari
   Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton


I am/was involved in the organization of the following meetings:

Workshop on 'Early Universe Thermometers'   (Padova, 6-8 February 2008)

IFAE 2008    (Theory Convenor of the Neutrino and Astro-particle Physics session)

Planck 2009   (Local Organizer)

Pheno-coffee (Padova 2008-09)

NExT Meeting on `Neutrino Physics and Particle Cosmology' (Southampton 4 May 2011)

Pheno-Journal Club

NExT Meeting "What NExT?" (Southampton 27 November 2013)

MITP Workshop "Exploring the energy ladder of the Universe" (Mainz, 30 June - 10 May, 2016)

7th NExT PhD Workshop "Searching for New Physics after firsttwo years of LHC run II" (Cosener's House, Abingdon, 26-29 June 2017)

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