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He is Professor of Computational Methods and is in the Computational Engineering Design Research Group (CED) Group within the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. He was Associate Dean for Enterprise in Engineering and the Environment and Chief Information Officer at the University of Southampton.

The primary research interests of our research group are in the three broad themed areas of optimisation and design search, applied computational modelling, and computational methods. This spans design optimisation, solid material modelling, computational electromagnetics, repetitive structures, contact mechanics, structural dynamics and computational methods.

The CED is a centre of excellence for multi-disciplinary engineering simulation and design which combines together a range of analytical, computational, and experimental techniques. Our strength lies in this sophisticated mix of engineering methods coupled to industrial applications: a particular focus for our activities over the next few years will be the development of Cloud-based technologies and services for use by academia and industry.

Prof Cox was Chief Scientist of dezineforce which delivered a Cloud-based system coupling together on-demand computing, database, and workflow technologies with optimisation and design search tools to enable web-based engineering design for fluid dynamics, structural mechanics and computational electromagnetics. Dezineforce's Intellectual Property was sold in May 2011.

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