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Professors Andrew Cruden and Alex Rogers' Inaugural Lecture - Smart Grids, Smarter Vehicles, Informed Consumers Event

16 March 2015
Physics (Building 46), Lecture Theatre A (3001)

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Event details

An Engineering@Southampton Inaugural Lecture

We are delighted to announce that Professor Andrew Cruden and Professor Alex Rogers will be giving a joint Engineering@Southampton inaugural lecture on Monday 16th March, entitled ‘Smart Grids, Smarter Vehicles, Informed Consumers’. 


Reducing carbon emissions in the UK requires radical change in the way we use energy. Meeting the target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 will require us to increase the use of electricity for transport and heating, and to generate more of that electricity from low-carbon renewable sources such as wind and solar. In this talk, Professor Andy Cruden and Professor Alex Rogers will describe how electricity storage technologies and intelligent algorithms will be key to this change; allowing our cars to store electricity that can later be used by the electricity grid, and our homes and offices to adapt their energy use in real-time to better match that available from renewable sources.


The lecture will be held in Building 46 (Physics), Lecture Theatre A (3001) 18.30-19.30, with teas and coffees beforehand from 18.00 in the Physics Seminar Room (5081). We would be delighted to see you there; tickets can be reserved via Eventbrite:

Speaker information

Professor Andrew Cruden,obtained his BEng, MSc and PhD degrees in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, in 1989, 1990 and 1998, respectively. He had a range of research posts at Strathclyde until 1998 when he was appointed Lecturer, then promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2004 and Reader in 2010. He was appointed as Professor of Energy Technology at the University of Southampton in July 2012, within the Electro-Mechanical Research Group. He has significant experience in the field of renewable energy, particularly in fuel cell technology and condition monitoring of wind turbines. His interest in fuel cell technology led, indirectly, to an interest in the field of electric vehicles, and subsequently to research activity in energy storage and traction drives.

Professor Alex Rogers,is a Professor of Computer Science in the Agents, Interaction and Complexity Research Group within Electronics and Computer Science. His research interests lie in developing and applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and agent-based approaches to real world problems focusing on sustainability. His recent work has addressed future energy systems, such as the smart grid, and citizen science platforms.

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