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The University of Southampton
Archaeologies of Media and Technology Research group

Installations, Exhibitions, Performances and other Design and Art Works

Ludovico, Alessandro. Cerpina, Zane. Stenslie, Stahl (2018Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art, Gallery KIT – Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, March 2018.Trondheim, Norway

Birkin, Jane (2017) Cartographic Operations, Level 4 Gallery, University of Southampton, February 2017.

Dawson, I. Minkin, L. Summers F. & Naldi, P. (2017) Symposium: Pictures Not Homes, January 2017, The Winchester Gallery, Winchester, UK

Parikka, Jussi (2017) “On Lunacy” An invited radio performance for Works for Radio 2017, commissioned by the Lake (Copenhagen based radio station).

Dawson, I. and Minkin, L (2017) Exhibition: Pictures Not Homes, January 2017, The Winchester Gallery, Winchester, UK

Dawson, I (2016) Exhibition: DRIVE THRU, October 2016, QPark, Cavendish Square, London

Birkin, Jane (2016) Minimalism: Location, Aspect, Moment, October 2016, Winchester School of Art.

Parikka, Jussi (2016) The voice-over text for Emma Charles’ experimental video White Mountain, for the ZKM exhibition Reset Modernity, curated by Bruno Latour et al.

Cornford, Stephen (2016) Constant Linear Velocity. sound sculpture. Phoenix, Brighton; Audiograft Festival, Oxford; Turf Projects, Croydon. Dawson, I (2016) Artwork: ID 2.7.1816 Fused Filament Deposition Prints and Aluminium. November 2016-January 2017, in Artist Boss, New Art Centre, Roche Court Salisbury

Dawson, I. and Minkin, L (2015) Exhibition:Taplow House, June-August 2015, ASC Gallery London

Dawson, I (2015) The Wanderer's Nightsong II, curated and in collaboration with Ian Dawson, April 2015, C&C Gallery London

Dawson (2015) Residency, August 2015, C&C Gallery London

Dawson (2015) Exhibition: Elbow, September 2015, C&C Gallery London

Birkin, Jane (2015) Lecture-performance. Meeting Point, July 2015, The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London NW1

Birkin, Jane (2015) Units of Description- Solo exhibition for PhD viva examination, Winchester Gallery, March 2015, Winchester School of Art

Cornford, Stephen (2015) Digital Audio Film. 16mm film performance with live soundtrack, November 2015, Ftarri Festival, Tokyo.

Cornford, Stephen (2015) Migration. sound installation. Spike Island, Bristol; Rumpsti Pumsti, Berlin; Gallery 20202, Tokyo; MoisMulti, Quebec.

Birkin, Jane (2014) Lecture-performance (as part of collaborative research group ‘The Grey Institute’). 4th Interreg Conference ‘Global Culture and Creativity’ November 2014 (University of Southampton and EM Normandie).

Ludovico, Alessandro Cirio, Paolo (2011) Face-to-Facebook installation, China Academy of Art gallery, December 2015, Hangzhou (China)



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