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Undergraduate students to exhibit their research at the Houses of Parliament

Published: 1 February 2016
Shruti and Casey

On Tuesday 2 February, Shruti Verma, an undergraduate student from the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, and Casey Morris, a former undergraduate student from the Faculty of Natural and Environmental Science who is now a PhD student with the Centre for Biological Sciences, will exhibit their research at the Houses of Parliament.


Shruti and Casey were selected from among other undergraduates and recent graduates at the University’s Undergraduate Research Poster Showcase on Monday 11 January.

Each student presented a poster based on research projects undertaken as undergraduate students, on research topics as wide-ranging as ‘the experience of Meniere’s Disease’, ‘promoting understanding over rote learning’ and ‘disorder-induced light confinement’.

Leonora Onaran (Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head Southampton Law School) chaired the judging panel and is the University representative for the British Council for Undergraduate Research (BCUR) who organise the Posters in Parliament event. She said:

“It was great to see that all of the students were so passionate about their research. The other judges and I were really impressed by the interesting work that is being carried out across the University by such talented individuals.”


The nominees from across the University who took part in our poster competition

Shruti’s research is focused on ‘Computational Analysis of a cause and treatment of knee pain in young adults and adolescents’, whilst Casey is researching ‘using the fruit-fly to understand the relationship between Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease’.

For more information about Posters in Parliament, visit the British Council for Undergraduate Research.

For more information about undergraduate research development opportunities, contact Sarah Rogers, Southampton Opportunity, or use our searchable database of student development opportunities on the OPUS website.

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