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The University of Southampton

Royal Society invitation for scientists at Southampton who are Taking Technology Smaller

Published: 25 June 2015
Taking tech smaller

Chemists and Physicists from the University of Southampton are joining forces to present their research into the tiniest of technologies to visitors at the prestigious Summer Science Exhibition at the Royal Society in London.

The Taking Technology Smaller project team will sharing their latest research into using electrochemistry to build electrical transistors at the nanoscale, atom by atom, and create the next generation of microchips for future electronic devices. Hands-on exhibits will demonstrate the principles behind the cutting edge research and give curious members of the public a chance to take away their fingerprint plated in solid gold.


“We are looking forward to showcasing our research alongside many of the UK’s best scientists and engineers,” explains Dr Kristian Thaller from the project. “We hope to inspire young people to become the next generation of academic researchers joining us tackling some of the most difficult challenges in 21st century chemistry and physics.”

It is a highly competitive event. Out of 80 applications from leading researchers, only 22 groups are chosen to display their work before 14,000 people at the Royal Society and and many more on TV and online.

The team at Southampton are well-experienced in explaining their cutting edge research. Teacher Guy Francis says: “This was great opportunity for our students to learn material not covered in the classroom. Some of our young people were motivated to carry on with the work in their own time and are planning to study the subject at university.”

The University of Southampton team, led by Professors Phil Bartlett, Andrew Hector and Gill Reid from Chemistry and Professor David Smith in Physics collaborate with colleagues at the Universities of Nottingham and Warwick in the Taking Technology Smaller project, financed by a £5.7million programme grant from the Engineering and Phsyical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition will be held between 30 June and 5 July.

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