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The University of Southampton

ISVR Research Seminar: Design and applications of 3D-printed acoustic porous materials Seminar

16:00 - 17:00
19 October 2021
Microsoft Teams meeting

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Event details

3D printing provides a way to tailor the micro-structures of acoustic porous materials to achieve specific targets in terms of sound absorption or effective impedance. This presentation will give an overview of the process involved in computing the effective acoustic properties of a periodic porous material based on its micro-structure geometry. This micro-structure can then be optimised to achieve different objectives: perfect broadband absorption for normal or grazing incidence, or for diffuse fields. Several examples of realisations will be presented, including a perfect broadband absorber as well as 3D-printed metamaterials. Some of the challenges, such as the impact of printing defects, will be discussed.

Speaker information

Professor Gwénaël Gabard, LAUM, Le Mans Université, France.

Gwenael Gabard is professor of acoustics at the University of Le Mans, France. He was a lecturer at the ISVR between 2006 and 2016. He works mostly on computational methods for aero-acoustics and on the analysis and design of acoustic treatments for aeronautical applications.

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