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Drop Test Rig

Situated at the University's Science Park at Chilworth, the drop test rig can measure 2D wedge-water impact phenomena such as generated pressures, accelerations, panel deformations and spray sheet formation.  Either fixed geometric shapes can be tested or a skeletal rig can be used that will allow different panel materials to be tested, switched out and replaced by alternative panels.  This skeletal rig can also be set to different deadrise angles up to 25°. 

Drop Test Frame

The principle parameters are detailed below:

Drop height - 1000mm

Tank length - 5800m

Tank breadth - 750mm

Typical water depth - 460mm

Wedge width - 735mm

Gaps between wedge and tank walls - 7.5mm

Drop bearings (x2) - Unimatic Engineers Ltd, LME 40UU 

Viewing window - 825 x 485mm

Skeletal wedge:

Mass - 65kg (without test panels)

Material - Stainless Steel 304

Deadrise Angles - 5°, 15° or 25° 

Typical acquisition equipment:

Draw-wire potentiometer position sensor - Celesco PT5A100S47FR1KM6

Accelerometers - wedge mounted (rigid body accelerations) and panel mounted (local accelerations)

Strain gauging - panel mounted for local deformations

High speed video camera - position, velocity and spray sheet formation

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