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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

Modelling epidemics in the time of COVID-19 Seminar

23 April 2020
Via Teams

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Geography & Environmental Science Seminar

With most of Europe undergoing strict forms of social distancing to keep disease spread under control, many countries are exploring different possible exit strategies to relax restrictions for certain age groups, sectors of the economy, or during certain periods as rates of new cases decline.

The success of these exit strategies hinges partly on what happens regionally, as international importation could seed new transmission and overwhelm efforts to prevent resurgence through enhanced testing and contact tracing. Here we address the importance of coordinated exit strategies across Europe for preventing potential disease resurgence. We also quantify how different types of coordination could influence the likelihood of regional extinction of COVID-19. In particular, we test the importance of synchronizing interventions if countries phase them to limit economic impact.

Speaker Information

Dr Nick Ruktanonchai, Lecturer in Infectious Disease Modelling within Geography at the University of Southampton.


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