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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Molecular Microbiology

The molecular and microbiology laboratory is based at Southampton General Hospital and shares some facilities with the Molecular Microbiology group within the Faculty of Medicine. As such it complies with the local Health and Safety policies and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines.

The laboratory is a general purpose category 2 wet laboratory, offering facilities ranging from simple analysis of biomarkers in blood, tissue and body fluid samples, to full cell and tissue culture (cell incubators, laminar flow cabinets).

We are also fortunate in being able to offer a range of equipment of use in studying microvascular function, skin barrier function and wound healing, particularly in the clinical research environment, such as: scanning laser Doppler imaging, laser Doppler fluximetry, transepidermal water loss, corneometry, pH, meximetry, iontophoresis and thermal challenge.



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