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Association of season of birth with DNA methylation Event

28 November 2013
IDS Lecture Theatre, Level A Southampton General Hospital

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Robert Murray on 023 8079 8664 .

Event details

HDH Seminar

Speaker: Dr Gabrielle Lockett


Season of birth can influence early-life development of allergy. Children born in autumn or winter are more likely to develop allergic disease or atopy, an effect thought to be mediated by vitamin D. However in plants, photoperiodic exposure has been demonstrated to alter DNA methylation and in mammals maternal photoperiodic exposure has been shown to alter foetal development. Thus altered DNA methylation, either via, or independent of, vitamin D exposure represents an alternative mechanism to explain the association between season of birth and risk of allergic disease. To test this, the correlations of season of birth with changes in DNA methylation was examined in the Isle of Wight birth cohort.

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