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The University of Southampton
Southampton Law School

Legal aspects of trust on the Internet

Published: 8 April 2013

Law lecturers Dr Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon and Roksana Moore from the Southampton Law School ILAWS Research Centre are part of a major European Union project, which is examining questions of online trust and trustworthiness.

They will be exploring how the law can contribute to increasing trust among users of the Internet and, generally, what drives this trust.

Principal Investigator of the project is Dr Mike Surridge from the University of Southampton’s IT Innovation Centre. “Our aim is to make people more confident in using the Internet. We believe if users know the system will warn them about any online risks, they will have more trust in the technology behind widely-used systems and software,” he says.

The three year EU Framework Seven project OPerational Trustworthiness Enabling Technologies (OPTET) with partners in France, Germany, Belgium and Greece takes a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to the subject. In particular it is researching cyber security of critical infrastructure, and issues surrounding an electronic monitoring initiative involving elderly and disabled people in Norway.

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