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Judges learn more about social networks

Published: 15 November 2013 Origin:  Interdisciplinary Centre for Law, Internet and Culture (iCLIC)

ILAWS member and lecturer in Cyber-Security Law Micheál O' Floinn has delivered a lecture to UK judges on the complexity and diversity of social networking sites and apps, and how they feature in the trial of sexual offences.

He was invited to address a gathering of approximately a hundred judges at a seminar in Coventry, organised by the Judicial College.

“The prevalence of social networking sites and apps in everyday life means that it is rare to have a criminal trial in which they are not implicated and this is posing numerous challenges for the trial process. Members of the judiciary are fully aware of their need to keep abreast of these technological developments” explains Micheál, who has acted as a consultant for the Law Commission and has published articles in the Criminal Law Review on the issue.

Micheál joined the Law School in May 2013; he is completing a PhD on the resolution of jurisdictional conflicts, generated by cybercrime, through transnational harmonisation initiatives.

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