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Food for Thought: Anthropological and Archaeological Approaches to Eating

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“Next to breathing, eating is perhaps the most essential of all human activities, and one with which much of social life is entwined.” (Mintz & DuBois 2002) While food is a universal constant, humans across time and space have designed countless ways of procuring, cooking, and consuming food, making it an invaluable source of sociocultural information. This module introduces key themes in the field of food studies by drawing upon examples, methods and approaches from the disciplines of archaeology and anthropology. Students will explore how food has shaped history and the human body, as well as how cultural values, identities, beliefs and concerns are reflected in what and how we eat. Throughout this 6-week module, we will examine cross-cultural case studies spanning prehistory to the modern period to gain rich insights into this most basic human activity. To watch a taster of the course, click here.

Tutor: Misha Enayat

Course dates: Monday 11 October – Monday 15 November 2021

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