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Global Network for Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention

NAMRIP researchers showcase small, low-cost, low-power flow cell for a prototype device for analysing body fluids

Published: 31 March 2016
Front cover of Analyst journal
Front cover of Analyst journal featuring article

On 31 Mar 2016, NAMRIP researchers showcased a small, low-cost, low-power flow cell for analysing chemicals in body fluids or environmental fluids colorimetrically, with the publication of their work in the journal Analyst. The device analyses droplets using a microfluidic system, meaning that it requires only tiny amount of sample fluids (nano litres) for each assay. This would make it ideal for in situ single point measurement or continuous monitoring of antimicrobiotic residuals from water environment. The study was funded by EPSRC (EP/M012425/1)

Hassan, Sammer-ul, Nightingale, Adrian and Niu, Xize (2016) Continuous measurement of enzymatic kinetics in droplet flow for point-of-care monitoring, Analyst, 2016,141, 3266-3273. (DOI: 10.1039/C6AN00620E)

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