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The University of Southampton
The NMR Spectroscopy FacilityInstructions

Solution NMR Sample Submission

All submitted samples must be accompanied by a 1H spectrum recorded on one of the open-access spectrometers.

NMR tubes MUST be at least 19 cm long, unchipped and with a tight-fitting cap.

Seal the top of tubes containing unpleasant or toxic samples with Parafilm.

For low sample quantities in hygroscopic solvents (e. g. d6-DMSO, D2O):


Variable temperature (VT) NMR experiments Consider the properties of the solvent (e.g. freezing or boiling point).
Heteronuclear NMR experiments Indicate the anticipated chemical shift and the literature reference signal.

It is the responsibility of the submitter to find this information.

Useful Downloads

Need the software?PDF Reader

Submission location

Leave samples in tray in the open access 400 room (27:1021).

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