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The University of Southampton

Summer placements build valuable skills for students

Published: 7 November 2013

Two students from Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences, Zoe Lampshire from Psychology and Modesta Butkute from Maths have received awards for their 12 week summer work placements organised by the University of Southampton Career Destinations.

Zoe Lampshire who is in her third year studying BSc Psychology spent the summer with the corporate communications team at Eastleigh Borough Council, conducting social/market research projects. Her manager Steve Collins says: “Zoe was more than able to plan the three projects using a range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques as well as undertaking appropriate desk research. She showed a real willingness to embrace the range of research projects helped by a confident, outgoing manner and her good communication skills.”

Zoe says it was very worthwhile: “The research aspect of the placement was great experience, along with the business and marketing side, I think this experience can be applied to a lot of different jobs. Some of my research made a real impact on the way specific aspects of the council are run, so I think it looks good to be able to say to potential employers, I did this and yes, it made a difference.”

MSc Actuarial Science student Modesta Butkute worked for the insurance company Ageas. According to manager Glen D’Souza: “She has excellent analytical skills and for someone at the start of a career she is unusually thorough and attentive to detail. Modesta is comfortable with complex and detailed problems and is productively inquisitive. Consequently, I have been able to give her more difficult work than I normally would to an intern and her work has been very high quality.”

Modesta says she enjoyed her time with the company and learned a lot. She is quick to recommend the University’s Excel scheme: “I strongly recommend students should sign up for a placement. First of all, the assessment day is a great opportunity to see how well you perform, how confident you are. Secondly, you won’t learn everything you need to know at university. You’ll have the chance to see what skills are most important and what you need to work on to be successful in your career. Finally, you never know, maybe your placement might lead to a permanent position.”

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