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The Calendar is the definitive source of the University's regulations.

Harmonised regulations for the progression, determination and classification of results of undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes are set down in Section IV.  The regulations for research degrees and higher doctorates are published in Section V and set down the progression, examination and award requirements for postgraduate research degrees. 

Subject to review by the Programme Regulations Scrutiny Group (PRSG), endorsement by Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC) and approval by Senate, an academic programme can be exempted from one or more of the clauses in the regulations; one or more of the clauses can be varied; or additional requirements can be imposed.  Regulations for a programme which has been given such approval are published in Section VI of the Calendar.  

The approval of an exemption, variation or additional requirement is given for a defined period of time, typically one academic year and requests for their continuation, revision or discontinuation must be reviewed each year by PRSG.


Exemptions are characterised by the omission of the relevant clause of the regulations.  An exemption may be required when the standard regulatory clause cannot be applied due to the stipulations of a professional, statutory and regulatory body (PSRB) or external legislation.  

Variations are characterised by the replacement of the relevant clause of the regulations with alternative wording.  A variation may be required when the requirements of the regulations need to be amended, e.g. a higher than standard pass mark must be applied to a module or part of a programme to meet accreditation conditions.  

Additional requirements are characterised by setting down terms that are in addition to those detailed in the regulation, e.g. a requirement for students on a programme to meet specific health or UK Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) conditions.


Templates are available from QSAT.

PRSG meets annually to consider requests for exemption, variation or addition to the undergraduate and postgraduate taught regulations.  Such requests must first be considered by the School Programmes Committee before being submitted to the Quality, Standards and Accreditation Team (QSAT) for scrutiny by PRSG. 

Requests for exemption, variation or addition to the postgraduate research regulations should first be considered by School Programmes Committee and/or Faculty Graduate School Committee before being submitted to QSAT for scrutiny by the Postgraduate Research Quality Monitoring and Enhancement (PGR QME) Subcommittee.       

PRSG is chaired by a nominee of the Vice President (Education) and membership includes representation from each Faculty and also from QSAT.  Its recommendations are considered by AQSC and submitted to Senate for approval.  Approved exemptions, variations and additional requirements are published in Section VI of the Calendar on 1 August. 

Academic Regulations Process Overview

Academic regulations approval process


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