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The University of Southampton
Sustainability Action

Photographer of the year competition

In 2016 we launched the competition to be the first Sustainability Action Photographer of the Year at the University of Southampton.

Students and staff at the University were invited to enter the competition to be our first Photographer of the Year. The winner of the competition gains university-wide recognition for their photography, the right to call themselves 'Sustainability Action Photographer of the Year 2016' and a £50 John Lewis voucher. 

The Global Goals

Theme: My Global Goals

In 2015, 193 governments agreed to 17 Global Goals to address the major challenges and needs faced by the world in the 21st Century – ending poverty and inequality, and protecting the planet. The Global Goals are not just for the international community though. Through this photography competition, we want to know what they mean to you as an individual, bringing form and focus to goals that could be seen as vast and impersonal.

'Recipe for Change' by Lipi Begum
'Recipe for Change' by Lipi Begum

2016 Winner: 'Recipe for Change' by Lipi Begum

A dyer in Bangladesh dyeing fabric using natural ‘Lac’, the scarlet resinous secretion of insects. Natural dyes are environmentally friendly and are used to print patterns onto sustainable silk fabrics using long-lasting high-quality hand-carved wood. This photograph shows a lesser known side to poverty-stricken Bangladesh which is often associated with sweatshops, low quality fabrics, poor design and short-termism. This photograph captures one of the many ways Bangladesh, a victim of climate change, is constantly innovating and coming up with pioneering solutions to reduce water wastage, alleviate poverty, provide fair employment and promote responsible production and consumption. The world needs to see a different side to Bangladesh, one which is not at the prey of global hands but a side which inherently values nature, high quality design and equality. Calling for you to connect, calling for you to act.

'Top of Waterfall' by Arshad Emmambux
'Top of Waterfall' by Arshad Emmambux

Joint runner up: 'Top of Waterfall' by Arshad Emmambux

In Arshad's words: "The picture was on the top of a waterfall showing the life both on and below the land. The panels on the ground shows the affordable and clean energy. And the small water reserve shows how water is important in life. The way the dam is constructed shows good infrastructure and sustainable cities and communities."

'Erasmus Green' by Callum Stewart
'Erasmus Green' by Callum Stewart

Joint runner up: 'Erasmus Green' by Callum Stewart

In Callum's words: "Working in Residential services I get to see many of the universities smaller sites such as the one pictured here – Erasmus Park in Winchester. Erasmus Park (EP) is situated right on the edge of the Winnall Moors nature reserve and the area surrounding it is home to a great variety of wildlife and plant life. One of the best things about my time at UOS thus far has been seeing how engaged with ideas of sustainability and green practices the university is and how sites like EP are working towards using solar energy to power some of the facilities and pushing students heavily towards recycling initiatives and sustainable living."

More information

The Sustainability Action Awards recognise students and staff, teams and individuals, who are changing the world for the better.

The Sustainability Action Awards are supported by the University's Carbon Management Fund, investing in ideas that will reduce the institution's carbon emissions and improve the sustainability of our campuses.

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