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Doctoral students showcase research at latest cohort conference

Published: 5 May 2022
HCAI Conference 2022
HCAI students

The Web Science Institute's cohort of Human-Centred AI (HCAI) doctoral students met for the first time since 2020 to share their latest research.

Current HCAI students are working on interdisciplinary PhD projects spanning computer science, business, art and design, music, mathematical sciences, philosophy and social sciences.  Web Science CDT students joined Dr Mark Weal, CDT Director, for discussion and peer feedback.  

The students’ presentations covered the following topics:

  • In-store navigation for customers aged 65+ in the UK
  • Measuring the COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy as expressed on Twitter: comparing two Sentiment Analysis approaches
  • Understanding harassment of active travel users through a gendered lens on social media using BERT sentence encoders
  • The Implications of GANs artworks for contemporary techno-culture
  • Artificial intelligence and music: interdisciplinarity and work futures
  • Automatic summarisation methods for interactive narratives and narrative games
  • Taking the ecological approach: a challenge to anthropocentric AI ethics
  • Digital exclusion as social harm: co-designing tools with communities to support community-based algorithmic ecosystems

About Human-Centered AI

The Web Science Institute (WSI) aims to train multidisciplinary doctoral researchers in developing cutting-edge AI techniques, in deploying AI in innovative solutions to complex social problems, and in managing the disruptive effects of AI on social infrastructure.

Our expertise in Human-Centred AI builds on our long-standing experience in Web Science and Data Science. We are committed to training doctoral researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, combining and enhancing their knowledge across computational and social sciences. Our cohort of students are working on a wide range of AI-related research projects with a focus on future societal benefits.

For more information about our Human-Centred AI studentships and collaboration opportunities, please contact us at


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