I teach the following modules.

COMP1056 Web Design

The aim of this module introduce students to the key issues when designing, creating and publishing content on the World Wide Web. The focus is on web programming, in particular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

COMP3208 Social Computing

This module is about using online collective intelligence or the wisdom of the crowd in various business and research applications and the underlying technologies that are currently being used. The main topics covered include: Crowdsourcing, Recommender Systems, Online Advertising Auctions, Reputation Systems, Experimental Design, Rank Aggregation.

COMP6203 Intelligent Agents

This module gives an introduction to the field of agent-based computing and multi-agent systems. It introduces the key concepts and models of the field, dealing both with the individual agents and with their interactions. Particular emphasis is placed on on-line auctions, and students are required to program a trading agent in Java which will compete in a class tournament within a simulated trading environment.