Re: Should Publishers Offer Free-Access Services?

From: Thomas J. Walker <tjw_at_GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU>
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 16:20:55 -0400

At 02:45 PM 8/28/98 -0400, Mark Doyle wrote:
>On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, "Thomas J. Walker" wrote:
>> Mark Doyle ( Do authors in APS journals buy paper reprints?
>> Would they buy e-reprints at the same price (or lower)? Would electronic
>> reprints be a welcomed new service to APS members?
>Yes, some authors do buy reprints. However, they already have the right to
>download the PDF file of their paper and post it on their own web page or
>print out as many copies as they want. So this isn't a strong incentive. As
>for early access, they have the option to post to xxx (which many do).

Do they have the right to post the PDF file of the printed version on xxx?

If so, I certainly would not expect authors to pay for e-reprints.

If not, maybe some would pay for that privilege or, more likely, the
privilege of having it so that those clicking on "PDF" in APS online tables
of contents could get an e-reprint for free rather than having to pay $15.

Does the average income from sale of online copies of an APS exceed the cost
of 100 paper reprints?

Is there any embargo period before authors can post the PDF files of their
articles on their home pages? If not, as authors and readers become
Web-savy, APS won't be selling very many PDF files of articles for $15.

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