Re: Should Publishers Offer Free-Access Services?

From: Tony Barry <> <harnad_at_COGSCI.SOTON.AC.UK>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 05:53:07 -0400

At 9:22 AM 1998/08/28, Vivienne Monty wrote:

>--What is of greater concern in for pay services is that libraries are NOT
>paying for archival copies, that is, they are paying for current access
>and when they quit paying annual fees, all access is cut off. At least in
>the paper world, a library had what they bought and researchers could
>refer to materials even centuries later.

Actually its worse than that. Access contracts normally preclude providing
copies to other libraries via the inter-library loan system. The reliance
that small libraries have placed on the major research libraries as
suppliers of copies of articles from journals that they could not afford is

The fair dealing and inter-library traffic in copies under the copyright
law is overridden by contract law. Each of you in your respective
countries should watch proposed changes in copyright law very carefully.


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