Call for Papers ("Digital Journals")

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Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 15:46:00 +0100

Dear Colleague,

Call for Papers

Digital Journals (TM) have launched our inaugural call for papers.

Digital Journals (TM) are a collection of Journals published on the

We usher in an exiting new era of rapid online publication for your

We offer the ideal means to publish your work and provide dissemination
of the research throughout the academic community.

We do not peer review your research but allow the academic community to
judge and incorporate the research into the knowledge base.

This is done by encouraging reply and follow up letters and articles
which are linked to the original paper.

We emphasize individuality with limited restrictions on the type and
format of the papers.

Details are available on the web site at

Digital Journals are able to provide rapid publication of all papers,
from a quick case report to a full-length thesis.

Teaching notes, lecture series and conference reports can all be
published as an ideal method to disseminate the information and allow
access to the material.

We encourage all colleagues to submit any research.

We especially welcome papers from junior members of staff and students to
entrench a mentality of regular research and publication.

Please feel free to pass on this email to all colleagues and direct them
to the web site.

Further information is available from the web site at

email to

Editor in Chief
Digital Journals

Digital Journals (TM) are an initiative to make research papers rapidly
and fully accessible to all.
We provide a collection of journals on many topics.
Currently all the journals provide publication of submissions within two
weeks with e-mail confirmation.
Let Digital Journals (TM) publish your research and don't let your
knowledge and effort go to waste.
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