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From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:08:53 +0100

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> Digital Journals (TM) have launched our inaugural call for papers.
> Digital Journals (TM) are a collection of Journals published on the
> Internet.
> We do not peer review your research but allow the academic community to
> judge and incorporate the research into the knowledge base.
> This is done by encouraging reply and follow up letters and articles
> which are linked to the original paper.
> Digital Journals are able to provide rapid publication of all papers,
> from a quick case report to a full-length thesis.
> Teaching notes, lecture series and conference reports can all be
> published as an ideal method to disseminate the information and allow
> access to the material.

I posted the Digital Journals Call to allow me to underscore the
profound difference between the American Scientist Forum's objective
of freeing the refereed journal literature on-line, and alternative
efforts to provide free on-line literature such as this one.

As it stands, Digital Journals is providing authors with a free Vanity
Press + Online Opinion Poll.

No doubt there is a niche for this too (there is plenty of room in
Cyberspace), but it is certainly not the niche we are endeavoring to
fill in this Forum.

Let us wish the DJ initiative well, but let us in no way confuse or
conflate its means or ends with those of this Forum.

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