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From: ransdell, joseph m. <ransdell_at_DOOR.NET>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:02:45 -0700

Does anyone know if there are any open public forums currently concerned
with the problem of extending the principles of the Ginsparg archives
across academia generally?

This is not to be confused with forums devoted to "freeing the refereed
journal literature on-line" (such as the present forum) nor with forums
concerned with establishing a "free vanity press" for professional
literature, if any such actually exist -- which is questionable since
the term "vanity press" has its home as a term of rhetorical denigration
in the domain of commercial rather than professional publication.

The present forum has apparently reached the stage where there seems to
be little to be said that cannot be answered by mechanized use of
boilerplate and URLs, yet there is obviously much yet to be said and
done if Ginsparg's initiative is to be carried through as far as it is
feasible to do so. If that is to happen, though, there has to be OPEN
internet discussion of the problems and possibilities that engages the
interest of the people who might actually help make it happen. The
question is, is that happening anywhere? Or has that movement now been
safely contained by being subsumed -- or is the word "co-opted"? -- by
Harnad's self-archiving initiative, about which there appears to be
nothing more to say other than "I wonder when those horses will start

I understand what the Santa Fe interoperability initiative is and why it
is important to pursue it, by the way, but that is not what I am asking

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