Re: Survey: How many refereed journals can your library NOT afford?

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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 23:43:16 +0000

My comrade-at-arms Helene Bosc is also referred to the foregoing
exchange with Andrew Odlyzko about the right way to estimate P.

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At 03:33 15/01/01 +0000, vous avez =E9crit:
>It would be very helpful if those of you who have access to the data
>could reply to the following 3 questions:
>(1) How many refereed journals does your library subscribe to? (By
>"subscribe," I mean either Subscription (S) or License (L), on-paper or
>on-line, or both.)

94 periodicals in our library

>(2) What proportion is that, of the total number of refereed journals
>that are published (anywhere) that could conceivably be relevant to the
>researchers (in all fields) at your institution?

Suppressed periodicals (interesting, but not enought money to continue to=20
purchase them) since 1991: 59 periodicals + 1 that we have never been able=
to purchase =3D Brain Research + about 20 others essentially in=
and behaviour (often asked in photocopies) =3D about 80 periodicals missing

Ideal number 174 periodicals.

Proportion 55%

>(3) If we now add in your total potential annual budget for
>Pay-Per-View (P), in addition to the prior annual figures for S and L:
>What proportion of all the published papers in all the refereed
>journals of potential relevance to your researchers can you afford to
>purchase through Pay-Per-View?

We don't practice pay-per-view but we buy photocopies. We can buy without=20
restriction every copy that the researchers ask.
I am not sure that I have well understood your question.

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