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From: Thomas Krichel <t.krichel_at_SURREY.AC.UK>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 14:43:26 -0400

  Jim Till writes

> It may be noteworthy that the largest number of preprints has been in the
> subfield of physical chemistry. Might this be another example (along with
> the arXiv server) of physics-oriented scientists choosing to be early
> adopters of preprint servers?

  My theory is that it is because Physical Chemistry is at the border with
  physics and physics is a preprint discipline. Similar things happen
  around econonomics which is another area of preprint tradition. You will
  find preprints in finance at the border between economics and business much
  more than say in marketing, which is as area that is further away from
  economics. Thus it has more to do with established behaviour rather than
  flexibility towards a new behaviour.


  Thomas Krichel
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