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Instead of using emotive words like "shame" and "cynical", perhaps you might
address the issues I have raised:

a) who is actually doing the giving?
b) the "free now, charge later" philosophy behind this scheme.
c) use of non proprietary/open source software for accessing the materials
d) financial assistance for academic contributors from countries of the

To use your own emotive, I just don't see the "sacrifice" involved.


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> It is a shame that you should write this in such a cynical tone. Yes the
> publishers do stand to gain in the long term, but at last they are willing
> to "sacrifice" something at least . I have been working with them for
> time on exactly these sorts of projects and they do realise that unless
> do something to "look better" that their battle will be even harder.
> Naturally they are more than concerned about the current debate and their
> futures. But at the end of the day, they are now coughing with excellent
> deals for countries that our network serves - the financially
> And just for the record not all publishers are inherently evil people -
> believe it or not.
> Michael Kay
> Director eIFL (Soros Foundation Network)
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