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  BioMed Central Update - Special Edition
  3rd September 2001
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  The Public Library of Science
  Deadline has Passed
The Public Library of Science (PLoS, deadline passed on
Saturday 1st September 2001. This means that as
of now, almost 27,000 signatories of its open
letter are committed to boycotting journals, which
do not put their research contents online free of
charge within six months of print publication.
Chances are that you are one of them.

PloS currently lists 100 or so journals, which
offer some form of free access
However, please note that only those published by
BioMed Central (almost 80 titles) are fully

We invite all signatories of PLoS letter to submit
their papers to BioMed Central, where they will be
peer-reviewed and published online quickly with
unrestricted free access to all. Research articles
published in BioMed Central's journals are
immediately listed in PubMed and available in full
text via PubMed Central. Other advantages of
publishing in our journals are that our articles
are actively promoted to the research community
and we allow authors to retain the copyright to
their work.

The PloS open letter is of great interest to both
scientists and the general public and is attracting
the interest of the mainstream media, BBC Online,
for example, has recently covered the story:

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