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I can speak for PLoS and will contact you and Mike offline.

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> At 01:16 PM 9/3/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> >Two other current initiatives are relevant here. ICAAP is a mutual
> >self-help organisation for newly established free e-journals (mostly in
> >humanities). SPARC is a library-centred initiative to support the
> >up of lower-cost alternatives to overpriced journals. Have the PLoS
> >initiators tried to establish diplomatic relations with these other
> >organisations? SPARC journals aren't free, but might be willing to be
> >PLoS-compliant.
> >
> >Fytton Rowland.
> I'm on the ICAAP board and have discussed this with Mike Sosteric,
> the ICAAP director. We fully support PLoS and can imagine many large and
> small ways that "diplomatic relations" would help both organizations and
> the larger cause to which they are both committed. ICAAP can provide
> technology and support for new free online journals. It can work with
> to extend its initiative to the humanities and social sciences. We'd like
> to explore issues of mutual concern and give any assistance we can. If
> anyone on this list can speak for PLoS, please contact me or Mike Sosteric
> (; meantime, we'll try other ways to contact the PLoS
> leadership.
> Peter
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