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Richard -

thanks for the opportunity to comment via the September98 Forum list....

My department's responsibility includes the library so we have thought about
it from both librarian and IT angles. I note also the comments from others
to date.

Our main qustions would concern:
(1) Business model Elsevier see in the future as web-publishing of eprints
(2) how will they (and other conventional publishers) continue to claim
peer-review monopoly
(3) how much will they comply with standards such as OAI especially for
(4) what is their stance concerning SPARC
(5) will they move to leaving copyright with the author and having a licence
to publish
(6) in e-publishing do they favour PDF (frozen image) or dynamic SGML, XML
(7) do they have interest in dvelopment from dictionaries and thesauri to
domain ontologies to assist clssification and retrieval

I hope that's enough to be going on with!

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