(Virtual) global colloquia series initiated by NIH

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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 20:07:31 +0000

Re the flow of ideas in the creative process, ahead of the print cycle
delays, this might be of interest. The presentations aren't vetted but,
de facto, the Institutes have peer-reviewed the presenters.


November 2, 2001
To: Interested Colleagues

Re: Good news: http://videocast.nih.gov

      You may be interested in the US Government's exciting initiative at
http:// videocast.nih.gov.

        NIH has started with several of their strongest Institutes and
prestigious crossroads lecture series, that bring leading researchers from
US & foreign locations to NIH. At this point, 156 events are scheduled &
716 events have been recorded and archived for desktop video-on-demand
availability to any Internet user.

      This is an extraordinary national (& global) contribution that
strengthens the curriculum at research universities and 4-year colleges,
brings the best & latest ideas to the desktops of scientists (in non-profit
and corporate settings) as quickly as possible, and can accelerate
scientific innovation.

      Recent data concerning rapid construction of a new generation of
fiber optic cables, and transoceanic Internet capacity, are available at
www.policyscience. net. The capacity for linkups between all continents is
increasing exponentially and wholesale prices are falling at 50% -
60%/year. Any Internet-based project (text or colloquium series) will be,
de facto, a global resource.

                                 (Dr.) Lloyd S. Etheredge, Director
                                 International Scientific Networks Project
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