Re: Copyright: Form, Content, and Prepublication Incarnations

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 11:12:51 +0000

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Chris Armstrong wrote:

> If the subversive proposal takes hold,
> journal prices will be forced up - in the short term, at
> least. In the long term, IF it worries them, the
> publishers can lobby for litigation outside of the
> copyright laws, I suppose. Perhaps something to do with
> fair trading? And I bet the universities cave in first!

Speaking practically, and historically, this worry belongs on the
"Zeno's Paralysis" list:

    8. Prima-Facie FaQs for Overcoming Zeno's Paralysis
    "I worry about self-archiving because...":

The conceptual possibility you mention is not at all something that should be
holding back either authors or their universities from vigorously
self-archiving immediately.

    10. Copyright

Moreover, all the evidence is that self-archiving will have just the
opposite effect, namely, to update journal copyright policy so as to
bring it in line with what is incontestably in the best interests of
researchers, their institutions, and research itself (hence of all
of society).

This has been precisely the outcome of the most successful
self-archiving initiative so far, that of the physicists. See the
new copyright policy of the publisher of the most prestigious
journals in physics, the American Physical Society:

    Revised APS copyright form

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