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From: Christopher Gutteridge <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 13:13:45 +0000

I'm the lackey so I'll let someone else explain the funding, as I'm
baffled by that kind of thing. I'm sure Professor Harnad will respond
to the financial backing.

A large part of the coding has been done on my own time, as it really
needs doing (and I actually love coding, like some people like sports).
I understand that we have plans to increase our level of support. As
far as I'm concerned I'll keep doing it until physically prevented. If
I cared about money I'd get a job in industry (heh)

One of the reasons for making the code GPL is that should we decide
tomorrow to stop doing it (ain't going to happen), or I get hit by a
bus (I *hope* that won't happen) then anyone can take over the
development without legal problems. If you hated some of my code, you
could spin off your own version (but I'd rather you didn't).

This is my first big project so I'm still learning the ropes, and how
to split my time between support/v1 maintenence/v2 development. I
aplologise if I sometimes make the wrong call. Currently the department
is looking to hire some new staff members to take over some of my other
responsibilities, which should free up some more time.

By a lot of my life, I mean that I've more or less given up several
activities such as computer games and reading so I can spend the time
coding. I had a CVS commit at 0500GMT on 26/12/2001 - go figure. And
when you say "only" one man. That's _me_, I'm worth four or five :)

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On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 10:20:56AM +0000, Bob Kemp wrote:

> This itemis about an issue suggested to me by Chrisopher Gutteridge's
> recent eprints_tech post, where he mentioned whilst discussing ePrints
> v2 that "there is a HUGE amount of my life in that code". It reminded me
> of a question that cropped up in recent discussion here at Strathclyde
> about the longer term future of the ePrints software - how long will it be
> around if it's only one man in a university department dependent on short
> term funding?
> First I'd like to ask a couple of questions and establish the facts - I
> guess Christopher may be able to help here. As I understand it, the ePrints
> software development is currently funded as part of the Open Citation
> project. Is this correct? If so, how long will this last, and what
> strategies exist for the continuation of ePrints software development after
> the project's end?
> Then I'd be interested to hear what everyone thinks regarding what we can
> do as a community to support ePrints and ensure its longevity.
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