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From: Bernard Lang <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 16:35:07 +0100

I am sorry for not following all details ... and apologies if I am out
of order.

Just to mention 2 points:

  - the catch-22 below is standard ... including for private business.
Bootstraping is always the difficulty.

  - the european commission does support free software projects. There
have been several calls already, in different areas.


On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 02:01:17PM +0000, Bob Kemp wrote:
> Hi again,
> Thanks for the contributions from Chris, Mike and Stevan.
> Stevan says:
> >The longevity of Eprints is a legitimate concern. But creating an
> >ever greater momentum to fill university Eprints archives is an
> >even more substantive concern, and success in meeting it is the best
> >way to meet the first concern as well.
> I agree totally - it's a case of making a commitment and jumping in at the
> deep end. However, there's an element of Catch-22 here. Eprints will be
> sustainable if ePrints is successful. But ePrints will be (more) successful
> if we can show it to be sustainable....we have to get over the initial hump.
> More specifically, the problem is that at local institutional level not
> everybody is ready for an eprint commitment. We are going through a process
> of education and persuasion in order to convince people that what we are
> engaged in is a feasible and legitimate activity that will provide an
> important long-term service. This involves a number of issues, and Stevan
> for one has provided plenty of good arguments to deploy.
> What we're developing here is another argument, being able to point to the
> underlying tools and say that these are going to be available, stable, and
> supported for many years to come. Having these contributions from
> Christopher, Mike and Stevan certainly makes it easier for me to make a
> case here at Strathclyde, and I imagine this applies elsewhere.
> Cheers,
> Bob
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