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> One issue in the design of eprints-2 is that it is geared up to allow
> many (smaller) archives to be run on one physical computer.
> Which means
> that a larger organisation could buy one "chunky" computer and then
> provide eprints archives with seperate customisations, OAI
> exports (and
> colour schemes) for various departments which don't have the
> resources and
> expertise to do this themseleves. This should reduce the cost
> in parts (and
> system admin hours!) to get several archives going.

In addition, should a particular archive become heavily used, moving it to a
dedicated box is a snap. You really loose nothing with a multi-archive
(versus monolith) design, and gain so much. Thanks to OAI protocols,
developing an institute wide interface to all the small archives isn't much
of a hassle -- in fact kinda unnecessary due to ARC
( If you can't tell, I'm a fan of this design.

> This would probably work out more cost effective than buying
> and installing
> a machine and having learn the ins-and outs of the system for a single
> archive. EPrints is free, so we don't have to grub for
> licenses by requiring
> one copy per archive :)

Hurrah for free (GPL) software!

> My own server, running eprints-alpha-2, is running
> + a couple of other test archives. Later,
> it will be
> running our department publications archive and an archive of
> Ted Nelsons
> material.
> The bottle neck is processor power, caused by larger datasets
> but mostly
> by "hits". So large, popular archives should probably run on
> their own
> machine.

Some more metrics: on my un-optimized server, eprints/apache/mysql
altogether require about 40MB of memory per archive. Most web hits are from
robots and some from OAI harvesters (as it should be). We have 10 archives
now, though some are just skeletons waiting for our authors to "see the
light" so to speak.

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