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      Excerprs from the Free Online Scholarship (FOS) Newsletter
      April 22, 2002

* Péter Jacsó has written another very favorable review of the FOS
Newsletter (see FOSN for 1/8/02). This one appears in the March/April
issue of _Online Magazine_, but not as one of the free online
articles. I've posted the FOSN portion of his review to our discussion forum.
(Topica handled the diacritical marks in "Péter Jacsó" perfectly well in
the text of the review, but choked on them in the title.)

* Version 42 of Charles W. Bailey's huge Scholarly Electronic Publishing
Bibliography is now online. The new version contains over 1,550 books,
articles, and other printed and online resources on electronic scholarly

* JISC has created an OAI FAQ as a section within its larger Information
Environment Architecture FAQ.

OAI has long had its own FAQ.

* CENDI has created a very thorough and up to date copyright FAQ. CENDI is
the organization of federal government managers of scientific and technical

* The Council of Europe has written a Draft Declaration on Freedom of
Communication on the Internet, and invites public comment. Send comments
by May 1 to <media [at]>.
(Thanks to QuickLinks.)

* The latest issue of the _ARL Bimonthly Report_ is devoted to open
access. The issue is dated February 2002, but it just came out this
week. Because the issue is not (yet?) available online, and three of its
four pieces are reprinted from online sources, I've included links to other
versions of the three reprinted pieces.

(1) An essay by Mary Case and Prudence Adler summarizing an ARL Task Force
recommendation that ARL's long-term goal for managing intellectual property
should be "open access to quality information in support of learning and
scholarship". Case and Adler also argue that libraries should embrace open
access as a solution to problems created by tightening copyright
restrictions on libraries and "monopoly-like control" by a small number of
commercial publishers.

(2) A reprint of my editorial for _Cortex_ on where the FOS movement stands

(3) The entire text of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI)

(4) Substantial portions of the BOAI FAQ and the related Self-Archiving FAQ.

* The May edition of Walt Crawford's _Cites & Insights_ is now online. In
this issue Walt considers the problem of long-term access and preservation
for zines like FOSN and his own C&I. In response, he is launching COWLZ
(Coalition of Online and Web-based Library-related Zines) and calls on
eligible zines to participate. He also calls for a friendly institution to
donate five gigabytes on a server somewhere. (PS: I support this idea and
FOSN will participate.) In the same issue he offers another edition of
Copyright Currents, his detailed and comprehensive round-up of recent
copyright news. He gives a similar round-up of recent writing on ebooks
and etext.

* In the April 18 _CNN Sci-Tech_, Brian Sullivan has a short piece on the
database at the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), which SLAC claims is
the world's largest. The database contains more than 500 terabytes of data
on particle collisions recorded at the accelerator. That's 500,000
gigabytes, and would fill about 60 times the number of books in the Library
of Congress.

* In an April 16 announcement, Philip Pothen , the JISC Communications
Manager, spells out the implications of JISC's Information Environment
Strategy (FOSN for 12/12/01). While JISC will continue to develop the
DNER, it will also start to pursue methods of disseminating scholarly
literature and educational content that go beyond the DNER. Pothen also
announced the reorganization of JISC, which will be evident on its web
starting in May.

* On April 15, the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) put online the
preservation statistics from 114 ARL libraries for 1998-99.

Amy Friedlander, "The National Digital Information Infrastructure
Preservation Program: Expectations, Realities, Choices and Progress to Date"

Erik Duval and three co-authors, "Metadata Principles and Practicalities"

Marilyn McClelland and two co-authors, "Challenges for Service Providers
When Importing Metadata in Digital Libraries"

Neal Beagrie, "An Update on the Digital Preservation Coalition"

Christine Walker, "ATEEL (Advanced Technology Environmental Education Library"

Maureen Potter and Carolien Nout, "Testbed Digitale Bewaring: Working to
Preserve the Digital Memory"
(On a Dutch initiative in long-term digital preservation.)

Joanne Kaczmarek, "OAI-PMH Project at the University of Illinois at

Nick Poole, "The Cornucopia Database of UK Collections"

Michael Day, "The Final CEDARS Workshop: A Report from Manchester, UK"

Highlighted Web site: Open Archival Information System

This month's FAQ tracks 65 online journals launched in 1997 to see which
are still publishing and why the others died.

Merrilee Proffitt, "Touring the Information Landscape: The Text Encoding
(Excellent introduction to the TEI.)

* In the February 25 _Byte_, Bill Nicholls writes about Meta Tools, and
includes a good section on the OAI, and on Kepler, the software for making
personal OAI-compliant "archivelets".



If you plan to attend one of the following conferences, please share your
observations with us through our discussion forum. (Conferences marked by
two asterisks are new since the last issue.)

* Information, Knowledges and Society: Challenges of A New Era
Havana, April 22-26

* Current Awareness Services on the Net
Toronto, April 22 - June 3

* Workshop on the 6th Framework Programme
Barcelona, April 23

* DAI Institute on The State of Digital Preservation: An International
Washington, D.C., April 24-25

* CLIR Sponsors' Symposium: New Challenges, New Solutions: Libraries for
the Future
Washington, D.C., April 26

* The European Library: The Gate to Europe's Knowledge: Milestone Conference
Frankfurt am Main, April 29-30

* WebSearch University
Stamford CT, April 30 - May 1; Washington DC, September 23-24; Chicago,
Octeober 22-23; Dallas, November 19-20.

* Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting
San Diego, May 4-7

* Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Taipei, May 6-8

* DLM-Forum 2002. Access and Preservation of Electronic Information. Best
Practices and Solutions.
Barcelona, May 7-8

* NISO/DLF Workshop on Standards for Electronic Resource Management
Chicago, May 10

* ContentWorld 2002 [mostly for commercial content]
San Jose, California, May 13-16

* Copyright for Beginners [among librarians and information professionals]
London, May 15

* National Conference for Digital Government Research
Los Angeles, May 19-22

* Libraries in the Digital Age 2002
Dubrovnik, May 21-26

* CAiSE '02. Advanced Information Systems Engineering
Toronto, May 27-31

* Workshop on Personalization Techniques in Electronic Publishing on the
Web: Trends and Perspectives
Malaga, Spain, May 28

* Society for Scholarly Publishing (AAP)
Boston, May 29-31

** Fair Use Seminar
Portland, Oregon, May 30

* Off the Wall and Online: Providing Web Access to Cultural Collections
Lexington, Massachusetts, May 30-31

* Multimedia Content and Tools: Towards Information and Knowledge Systems
London, May 30-31

* Advancing Knowledge: Expanding Horizons for Information Science
Toronto, May 30 - June 1

* Electronic Theses and Dissertations 2002
Provo, Utah, May 30 - June 1


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