Re: ALPSP statement on BOAI

From: Barry Mahon <mahons1_at_EIRCOM.NET>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 16:56:52 +0200

> From: Sally Morris <sec-gen_at_ALPSP.ORG>
> How does that translate to 'almost total nonuse'? I am getting increasingly
> baffled here

Me too, I accept that "paper" literature is read less than it used to
be; but to use a pejorative phrase such this is to exaggerate the issue.
The other part of the discussion, between David and Stevan on whether
tenure/publication/administration etc., are relevant issues, is also
confusing. While accepting that this list is dedicated to "open access
initiative" (not to be confused with OAI?) and nothing else is it not
focussing to narrowly to say that nothing apart from toll free access is

What is clear, at least to me, is that learned publishing is in a
process of change. As Sally and others have said there is need of a
model to replace the traditional one of submission> review>
(revision)>publication>purchase>use>citation….....using the available
technologies. Various new methods are now in the arena, none have
replaced the original. We are in a transition period. In such a
situation we should - even on a list with the objective of dealing
primarily with one new method - keep our discussion open. That way we
can all participate. If we limit it too much then we risk speaking only
amongst the converted.

Barry Mahon, Executive Director, ICSTI
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