Developing Country Access to On-line Scientific Publishing 4-5 Oct Trieste

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Please inform your colleagues interested to participate in a

         Round Table on
         Sustainable Alternatives
         4-5 October 2002, Trieste, Italy

This is an open round table among scientists, decision-makers,
journalists, electronic publishers, content providers, information and
communication technology experts, donors and non-profit organizations
working on the dissemination of science and the transfer of knowledge and
technology towards developing countries.

The goal is to bring together all interested parties to analyse, share
experiences, promote ideas and discuss
      * innovative technological tools,
      * the digital divide,
      * licensing issues,
      * concrete strategic alternatives
to support scientists working in remote areas and having low-bandwidth, or
expensive access to on-line database services and the Internet.

   = Please send us a draft of specific subjects for the debate =

         General enquiries on the round table can be sent to


The round table will be held at the Abdus Salam International Centre for
Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. The Abdus Salam ICTP has a
world-wide reputation as a research centre that has as its mission the
promotion and support of science in the developing world.

To register, please edit the registration form available at


and send it to the above e-mail address before October 2002. There is no
registration fee for attending this activity.

  Local Organizers: Enrique Canessa, Hilda Cerdeira (ICTP)

  International Advisory Committee:

            - IUPAP Working Group on Communications in Physics:
                 Martin Blume (APS), Ian Butterworth (Imperial College),
                 Franck Laloe (ENS), S. Ushioda (Tohoku University) &
                 Hilda Cerdeira (ICTP)
            - Sir Roger Elliott, ICSU
            - Carol Priestley, INASP
            - Minella Alarcon, UNESCO
            - Mohamed Hassan, TWAS

  Sponsors: The Abdus Salam ICTP, TWAS, UNESCO, IUPAP, ICSU
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