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From: Jim Till <till_at_UHNRES.UTORONTO.CA>
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 13:33:29 -0400

On Mon, 15 Jul 2002, Stevan Harnad wrote [in part, in response to a
question from Ingemar Bohlin]:

[sh]> "We [at AAAS/Science] have decided to make our own back research
[sh]> reports and articles freely available after 12 months--at our
[sh]> own Web site--later this year."
[sh]> The Editors, Science (2001) Is a Government
[sh]> Archive the Best Option? Science 291: 2318b-2319b
[sh]> Amsci thread:
[sh]> I have heard nothing since that editorial. Perhaps someone else
[sh]> has?

What I found, by searching Science magazine (via: for editorials by Donald Kennedy,
were (in addition to the editorial referred to be Stevan):
Another Year for Science,
Donald Kennedy,
Science 2002 January 4; 295: 13

An excerpt:

"We made the decision last year, as a service to the scientific community,
to release the full content of our Reports and Research Articles after 12
months on Science Online."

See also:
Science and Development,
Donald Kennedy,
Science 2001 December 7; 294: 2053

An excerpt:

"SciDev.Net is the brainchild of David Dickson, a former editor at Nature.
Science is delighted to be a full partner with Nature in this venture; for
the right cause, competitors can work together! The site, now up at, will have timely science news, several reports or short
items from Science and Nature each week, opinion features, and information
about meetings, grants, and jobs. The emphasis, obviously, will be on
material relevant to the developing world. Science normally makes papers
freely available on our Web site 1 year after publication; we will be
making this selected material available immediately. Regional gateways
will allow SciDev.Net to tailor some information to particular settings
and circumstances."

Please note the sentence: "Science normally makes papers freely available
on our Web site 1 year after publication".

I tried to find something similar in Nature using the search engine (at:,
but wasn't successful.

Jim Till
University of Toronto
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