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The Science web site is run by HighWire Press.
HighWire lists its free online full text journals at

I do not recollect their announcing the implementation of the "free after
one year" policy, but it does seem to be in effect for "certain sections".

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On Mon, 15 Jul 2002, Ingemar Bohlin wrote:

> As far as I can remember, it was in the spring or summer last year that
> Science, and I believe Nature, started to make much of their content
> available, 12 months after publication. I have scanned the web sites of
> two journals, as well as the archive of the September 98 list, looking for
> details about these initiatives, but to no avail. What I am looking for is
> editorials in which the initiatives are announced. Would you know where I
> can find them?

    "We [at AAAS/Science] have decided to make our own back research
    reports and articles freely available after 12 months--at our own
    Web site--later this year."

        The Editors, Science (2001) Is a Government
        Archive the Best Option? Science 291: 2318b-2319b

Amsci thread:

I have heard nothing since that editorial. Perhaps someone else has?

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